February 28, 2014

Another ONEderful Party

The weekend following Makenna's party at our home, we drove down to my sister Erin's home in Indiana to have a triple birthday celebration.

If you remember, Makenna has two boy cousins almost the same age as her. Noah is three weeks older than Makenna and Jake is a mere ten days younger. We love to get these kiddos together as much as possible and with Erin's eldest son being only two and half, they are all growing and changing rapidly.

As fun as it was to be pregnant at the exact same time as Erin, and with the adoption of Noah within the last weeks of our pregnancies, it meant that we didn't get to meet one another's babies right away. Then the other unforeseen events stacked against us--Erin having a C-section and Makenna getting RSV and being placed under a quarantine of sorts. We were aching to hold one another's babies and it was pure agony to have to wait a few months to be able to arrange this first meeting.

In light of that, we especially wanted to take advantage of celebrating all three 1st birthdays within a single bash. And it was perfect for Matt, Makenna, and myself because Matt's two younger brothers and their families also live in Indiana, so they could join in the family celebration!

Erin was responsible for all of the fabulous decor and I made the cupcakes:

Seriously, how cute is this?!

I should've taken a photo of the living room after the presents were opened...

Noah seems perplexed by all of the crazy party prepping.

Jake is equally dumbfounded. {Oh, how I love these boys!!}

Now all three look thrilled about cupcake time:

Then they began to dig in:

Unlike at her own party, Makenna really seemed to enjoy the cupcake this time around. 

We put all three in the bath together after the cupcake eating, but I failed to get a photo of that. Bummer!

Oh, and this is Makenna with her Aunt Hunter. That's right!!! When I bowed out of the blogging world for a couple of months, I missed sharing that Matt's youngest brother Aaron got engaged to the sweetest, lovliest girl, Hunter. We are beyond thrilled to be adding her to our family officially this October! Makenna loves her Aunt Hunter and of course I'll be sure to share all of the wedding fun on my blog in the coming months.

At the end of the day, we tried to get a photo of the three babies with the cute "1's" Erin had made for them. We knew it'd be a long shot and with the babies being tired, our chances were next to nothing.

And...this is about the best that we got:

At least we can say we tried!

We had so much fun and it really was the perfect party for our three sweeties. We even had extended family (my Aunt and cousin) drive in for the occasion and being together with lots of family made it so incredibly special. We sure wish we lived closer but we are also thankful we don't live further apart {like my brother and his family who live in Oregon!}.

1st birthday parties are fun enough on their own, but times it by three and it was an especially marvelous day of celebration and baby love!

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bakeaholic said...

You and obviously your sister are so creative! Such wonderful memories you have created for your adorable kids! Looks like a super fun time!


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