August 20, 2014


Matt left Monday morning for work training in Arizona and won't be back until Friday of next week {it's a long training!}. Yesterday, I drove to meet my mom in Indiana and handed over Makenna to her care until Friday evening.

That's right--I am free of both child and wifely duties for the next few days! All of my time is my very own!

 I may or may not even have celebrated by eating a Party Pizza {one of my super-guilty indulgences that I hardly ever allow myself}.

Once Makenna comes home Friday evening, I will only have her until Sunday afternoon, at which time I will hand her over to Matt's parents for ANOTHER four days and three nights of freedom.

I planned for Makenna to have these fun getaways with her grandparents during Matt's work trip at the prompting of my best friend, Laura. She has taken advantage of similar opportunities and convinced me that I'd "be a better mom for it." It's true---this is a time of both recharging and opportunity to accomplish many things for which I normally don't have the time.

I have so much I am planning to do during this time {which is already passing by much too quickly} and I've already given myself pep talks about how I'm trying to cram too many projects into too little time, so I need to know that they won't all get finished. To begin with, I decided to undertake painting our basement since it has been completely cleared out for the new carpet installation. I wasn't originally planning on this and it is quite time consuming, but since I had envisioned painting the basement at some point anyway, it really would've been silly not to take advantage of the both the fact that our basement is all cleared out and that Matt and Makenna are both away. We spend a significant amount of time in our basement as a playroom for Makenna and our family room {which contains the only TV in our home} where Matt and I like to relax in the evenings and on weekends. I am really excited about making it look prettier and feel a bit more cozy. The new carpet will make it look amazing, too!

After handing Makenna off yesterday, I drove back to Michigan, went to Ikea, went in for a dental cleaning appointment, and painted half of our basement. I have vowed not to waste this time!

It will be hard to maintain a balance between the many projects I want to tackle and making sure I take time to relax and enjoy myself. I am still needing to fit in my 19 hours of weekly work, too. I have plans next week to have a shopping day where I will leisurely browse all the less-kid-friendly stores I rarely visit anymore and partake in one of my favorite pastimes: sipping a Starbucks and spending a ridiculous amount of time browsing the Barnes and Noble book shop.

I must go...time to work some more, finish up the painting, and then head out to meet my small group for ice cream this evening!

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