June 9, 2010

Birthday Fun

My sister and best friend is Erin. We are two years and two days apart--her birthday is June 2nd and mine is June 4th. Growing up, our parents were always so gracious in never making us combine our celebrations and making each of our birthdays a special day all about us as individuals. Now that we're older, we enjoy getting to combine celebrations!
Last week, I went down to Indy to stay with Erin and Dan and have extended birthday celebrations. The above photo was taken on Erin's birthday at Cheeseburger in Paradise. We had yummy tropical drinks (non alcoholic)! The below picture is on my birthday at The Cheesecake Factory.
We spent several marvelous days together, with lots of fun--pedicures, shopping, eating out, and even having a sleepover with our friends Crystal and Sara. It was the epitome of a girly night-in...watching "Julie & Julia" in our cozy pajamas, doing home hand-pampering with my paraffin wax kit, nibbling on the cheesecake we brought home, and gabbing late into the night!
Even though it was hard having Matt gone, he had a special surprise waiting for me at Erin's that she presented to me on my birthday. Matt gave me what is called a "Forever Rose." It's a real rose that has been gilded by artisans, and now I have a perfectly gorgeous rose that will last, well...forever! The fact that he planned that for me while he's in Texas means so much.
As you can see, it was a very happy few days of birthday celebrations!

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