July 19, 2010

Matt update

I can now share with you that Matt and his unit are safely in Afghanistan and they have been settling in over the past week or so. Matt and I have been able to talk on the phone a few times and have been to email regularly as well.

Matt's doing very well and they're keeping him very busy, indeed! He's been working 14-15 hour days, but that's only because it's the beginning, and he'll be working more like 9 or 10 hour shifts when things get settled. It's hot there, but not as hot as it was in Texas, and it's very dry and very dusty, but Matt says the wind is always blowing quite hard and that doesn't make it feel too extreme. The buildings where they work, eat, sleep, etc. are air conditioned, so that's a huge plus! Matt said the food is very good and they have fresh fruit every day. Matt's been able to try some local food on a couple of different occasions and has really enjoyed it! It's nothing really strange--lots of spices, vegetables, rice and sauces, lamb kabobs, and flat breads.

If you'd like to mail Matt a word of encouragement, you can send card/letters to:

Matthew Perry
46th MP Command/TF Peacekeeper
Bagram Air
APO, AE 09354

{just one regular US postage stamp is needed}

Matt and I both appreciate all the support and prayers we have received thus far! In praying for Matt, there are a few specific things you can ask for:
~for Matt to be able to have restful sleep and feel energized when he wakes
~for mental stamina
~for patience in facing the many frustrating situations that arise on a daily basis
~for wisdom in doing the job he has been assigned to do while he's there

Thank you again for your love, support, and prayers!

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