July 7, 2010

Look who came to visit!

My best friend since 7th grade, Laura, came to visit me at my parents' house in Ohio with her beautiful new baby girl, Eden! I met Eden at the hospital and again at Chris and Laura's house in Indiana on June 1st. She is a beautiful, precious little angel! She's such a good baby and my parents and I couldn't get enough of her!

I also got to spend more time with Eden, Chris, and Laura in St. Joseph, MI, over the 4th of July weekend at Laura's parents' house. It was wonderfully relaxing and very nostalgic for me, having grown up sleeping over at Laura's childhood home hundreds of times it seems, and enjoying the blissful summers living on Lake Michigan. I really miss it.

I'm so thankful for the blessing that baby Eden is to Chris and Laura, and everyone she meets! It's so exciting to get to be her "Aunt Deanne!" I'm in love!

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