June 23, 2010

I am homeless.

Ok, so that statement was a bit over-dramatic. But technically it's true.

I'm sitting here in my parents' house in Ohio. Yesterday, I turned in the keys to our apartment and drove away from our home for the past three years--our first home. As I drove away in my packed SUV, I felt a chapter in my life closing.

All of our possessions are now in storage, moved in a few loads over two days, thanks to the help of generous family and friends. Our home church had an empty room not being used and generously offered for me and Matt to store our things there. Everything fit except four our couch and our piano, which Matt's parents are kindly keeping at their home for us. We are so incredibly blessed to have all this help with our moving and storage over the next many months! Thanks everybody!

It feels strange to be uprooted in a sense, but of course, I don't truly feel "homeless," since being with my parents is the same as being at home. Then in about six weeks, I'll relocate to Debrecen, Hungary, which will become home for me for about nine months. Until then, I'll keep busy with mini-trips, packing for many months overseas, and just enjoying summer!

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the woolseys said...

you can take a mini-trip here in the next 6 weeks to meet baby campbell if you want! :)


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