May 19, 2011

Little Patriots

Matt's mom, Jeannie, is a secretary at an elementary school in Greenville, Michigan.

One teacher decided to have her third grade class to write letters to Matt thanking him for his service as a soldier in Afghanistan. How cute is that?!?

Being eight/nine years old, these kids wrote some great stuff, from touching to hilarious. Following are a few of my favorite lines:

~"my prayers are with you" Taylore

~"You should be really, really proud of your self for joining the military." Kenzie

~"P.S. Enjoy your day! P.P.S. I like applesauce!" Kobi

~"I'm so glad that we have people that are willing to put themselves in harm's way to protect their country." Julia

~"Thank you for saving our city." Vicki

~"It's people like you that are my true heroes." Sarah

~"My sister and brother want to be in the army or military." Rosa

~"We have to fight for freedom and justice." Chandler

~"Thank you for risking your life just to save our country." AND "It makes me glad that I can sleep at night with knowing I won't have a bomb dropped on my house." Alexandra

~Jake signed his "A regular 4th grade kid, Jake"

~"You are a great American." Kaine

~"Do you have to get a bus cut?" Elijah

We're now thinking that "Mr. Perry" needs to make a special trip {in uniform} to meet these third graders in person! Matt doesn't have to be back to work for one more month, so we'll see if it's possible. I'll be sure to share about it if it does happen--I'm sure the kids will be FULL of cute questions!

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Jacki Kachner said...

I love reading your blog!! It's great fun to watch all of the excitement in your life! Jacki


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