July 4, 2011

Waste Not

A couple months back, my lovely sister Erin gave me all her past editions of Real Simple magazine; the past three year's worth. I was elated!

I adore this magazine and always find so many useful articles and recipes. Naturally, I couldn't afford the space of keeping all these editions, so I meticulously went through all the magazines, clipping out the many articles and recipes I wanted to keep.

Afterwards, I had such a large stack of clippings, I knew I had to organize them somehow.

All the many, many recipes went into a binder:

I love Real Simple's recipes, and now I have a great collection of everything from appetizers, to entrees, to desserts.

I even clipped some articles about general know-how in the kitchen.

For the other array of articles, I simply found putting them into colorful file folders to be easiest.

These flowered folders were a steal, on clearance at Barnes & Noble.

Now, I just need to create a pretty cover for my binder...


On a purely different note, Happy Fourth of July! God bless our great nation!

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