July 10, 2011

The Weekend: Celtic Festival

Yesterday, Matt and I traveled a bit south to attend the Celtic Festival in Saline, Michigan. The Festival included all things Welsh, Irish, and Scottish.

We had a good time, although Matt and I both thought the website for the festival made it sound a lot neater than it actually was. It wasn't a huge festival, either. But I think my standards are high after attending the Cincinnati Celtic Festival many years ago--that one is amazing!

Still, there were plenty of things to do and see.

We first watched knights in a tournament:


The Irish knight, vanquished by the Scottish knight. 

We watched men compete in what is called the "Sheaf Toss."

We saw some gorgeous birds:

We browsed the many vendors:

We listened to some traditional folk music:

We saw a league of marching bagpipers:

And we watched this sheep dog demonstrate his herding skills:

It was a lovely, sunny, and hot summer's day. We enjoyed leisurely strolling the festival, watching Irish dancing, trying a Scottish meat pie and a Scottish Fern Cake {almond cake and strawberry jam baked into a tart}.

We may not venture back to this festival again, but it was definitely a Saturday well spent.

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