August 10, 2011

The Happy and the Sad

It's ironic how life can bring such happy and such sad things into one's life at the same time. The last several days have brought both of these things into Matt's and my life.

On Monday evening, Matt's grandma passed away from congestive heart failure. Her passing was quite sudden, although we were able to be with her one last time just before she went.

Grandma Peggy was a lovely and wonderful person; she will be dearly missed. However, we have much comfort in knowing that she is in Heaven with her Savior, full of joy and free of pain and sadness. We love you, Grandma!

The happiness that came into our lives arrived in the form of this beautiful little baby boy:

This is William Otis Taylor, born Friday, August 5th. My sister Erin and her husband Dan adopted Will and brought him home on Sunday!

This happened so suddenly. On Thursday, Erin and Dan found out they had been selected as the adoptive parents to a baby who would be born at any time. Early Friday morning, they got the call to come to the hospital to meet their baby boy!

Will is a perfect, beautiful little African American boy. He is as healthy as can be and such a good, sweet, and calm little baby. He's not fussy, except when he gets his diaper changed--he then puts up quite the fight. My goodness, he is certainly strong for his mere 7 lbs.!

Matt and I went to Indiana yesterday to meet our new nephew. He already loves his Uncle Matt and Aunt Deanne! 

Before we arrived, I was plain and clear to my Mom and Erin and Dan that I fully intended to be selfish all day yesterday and get Will to myself! And I did! I fed him, burped him, helped as he fought hard against the diaper changes, and snuggled him in my arms for hours and hours. He is so delicious! And like most babies, he smells so amazingly good.

Uncle Matt and Will bonded.

I can think of nearly nothing as fun as shopping for babies! I had to restrain myself to not go too crazy with the gifts from Uncle Matt/Aunt Deanne...I must remember to spread out the spoiling!

I am so in love with this little boy. He has already brought so much love and sunshine into all our lives!

We love you, Grandma Peggy! Welcome to our family, Will!

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Rebecca Maier said...

Congrats Auntie Deanne on your beautiful new nephew!


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