August 6, 2011

Musical Bliss

I'm a happy girl!

You know why?

Because I just got my new 160GB iPod Classic!

I have seriously been wanting one of these for years. I literally have hundreds and hundreds of CDs and I wanted to be able to have ALL my music in one place without having to worry about running out of space.

My last iPod was only 2GB, which didn't even hold all of my music from iTunes.

But then...God smiled! I won a contest in our apartment complex of which the prize was an 8GB iPod Touch. I wasn't really interested in having a Touch...I just wanted all those 160 GBs! So, what did I do? I found a buyer for my brand-new, unopened iPod Touch on Craigslist, then combined that money with leftover birthday money I've been holding onto....and ta-dah! I had just enough to pay for the iPod I actually wanted!

Now I am a very busy girl as I begin to load all of my CDs onto this new beauty. The result will be exactly what I've been dreaming about: Music Heaven!

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