August 19, 2011

Katie's Wedding

From the time I arrived in Portland, our time was mostly consumed with the wedding festivities and preparations.

It went a little like this:

Thursday: Rehearsal and cookout at John's {the groom} parents' home
Friday: Bridal party trip to salon, lunch, and shopping; Bridal Shower for Katie in the evening
Saturday: mani's/pedi's and Bridal slumber party at Katie's home
Sunday: pampering and hair/makeup at Katie's; The Wedding in the evening

Katie's Bridal shower:

Fruit and pretzels for the....


Krista {flower girl}, Maile {bridesmaid}, and Katie.

At the end of the shower, the little kids decided it was time to dig into the chocolate fountain...

Sam, The Innocent

Khloe {other flower girl} is the daughter of Brandon & Karyl's good friends/neighbors. She's so sweet--and she calls me "Aunt Deanne." Love it!

The Wedding:

John and Katie, along with Brandon and Karyl, live in Troutdale, Oregon, a suburb of Portland. The wedding ceremony and reception was held at the The Troutdale House, an old railway station in quaint little downtown Troutdale which has been converted to a Wedding venue.

Guests could sign this photo frame for John and Katie.

A beautiful painting done by John {the Groom} on display.

The upstairs area for Bridal party dressing/prep.

Katie's mom, Betsy, zips her into her dress.

The flower girls doing their job!

The bouquets

Amy and Stephanie, two of the other bridesmaids. There were six total.

It was an absolutely beautiful wedding! Katie's dad is a minister in the Salvation Army, so he conducted the ceremony. Katie was absolutely gorgeous and all the guests had a great time. It came and went so quickly!

I really had a ton of fun off with the other bridesmaids. Katie sure does have some sweet friends! I'm actually really sad that they all live so far away, as I feel certain that we would hang out and become better friends if I lived in the Pacific Northwest, too. Katie has such an amazing group of girlfriends, and I was honored to be included.

One other fun note...Karyl {my sister-in-law} was the Matron of Honor. Katie met John through Karyl {and Brandon} since they all live in the Portland area. John has been a life-long friend of Karyl's. So this friendship between Katie's family and mine {which goes back almost 30 years} is what eventually brought Katie to meet her husband!

Oh! And Brandon was a groomsman. We got to walk down the aisle together. Seeing his smiling face waiting for me, arm outstretched to take mine, was a lovely, melt-my-heart moment.

Congratulations John and Katie!

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