August 22, 2011


We all know a girl can never have too many shoes, right?

At the times when I have been abroad, walking naturally becomes my main means of transportation. This makes having comfortable foot wear imperative.

That's hard for me, however. I LOVE a killer pair of heels and I have been known to submit my feet to lots of pain and blisters for the sheer adoration of a pair of great heels.

But even I know that I must submit to my short stature and walk with my heels on the ground overseas. I won't say I've never worn a pair of sneakers, because I certainly have, but I usually prefer something more "cute" and stylish.

Enter ballet flats. These have been my staple in times abroad. They don't support feet as well as sneakers would, but they are definitely comfortable and walking-friendly.

Now, back home in the US, I wear flats any time I know I'll be doing a lot of walking {read: shopping). So I decided to pull out all my pairs from my closet and size up my current collection.

My latest addition: sparkly black flats from Hungary. They have definitely been my summer staple.

I wore this pair a ton the summer I worked in England. you ever have clothing or accessories that for some reason, you associate with a story? For example, I think of these as my Cinderella shoes. I can't quite explain it!

I always think I can only wear these on days when I'm wearing gold jewelry, which is less often. I'm sure it doesn't matter, but I can't help feeling that way.

These are the other pair I wore to death whilst in England.

Blue velvety pair.

I love these grey ones.

Another black pair--but slightly different because of the ankle straps.

I almost didn't model these for you, because I'm way embarrassed at my ankles/feet. They are a horrible mess of mosquito bites and mosquito bite scars from earlier this summer. They stand out so well against my pale skin! Sigh...

Anyway, seven pairs of flats--that's not too many, is it??

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katie said...

You should get some Toms! They are the MOST comfortable flat shoes I own! -Katie


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