August 29, 2011

Noblesville, Indiana

The state of Indiana holds a dear place in my heart, not only because it's where the University I attended is located, but because it is where my sister Erin, her husband Dan, and my new little nephew Will live.

I got to spend four delicious days with them recently.

A mere three weeks old.
I bet you'll never guess who bought him this shirt?!

Dan and Erin live just outside the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. {"Indy" is such a cool city, by the way, and most definitely worth a visit.}

One of the small towns near to Dan and Erin is Noblesville. We spent Saturday afternoon there, having lunch and perusing the quaint little shops. I just love the old charm of a small, historic downtown area like Noblesville. It's bursting with character and the shops and boutiques have the most delightful little finds...I definitely could spend hours and hours just browsing!

{This guy was hilarious. He stood on that street corner with his sign for hours upon
hours, the whole time vivaciously lip-syncing to the tunes in his ears...}

Hope you had lovely weekends as well, and are squeezing out all the joys that summer has left to offer!

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Meg said...

Awwww! Will is soooo precious! Congratulations, Auntie!


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