November 8, 2011

Delightful Things

The latest delights:

~Watching this tree next to our patio transform day by day with the colors of autumn.

The leaves go from red at the top, to orange, yellow, to green at the bottom.

~The joyful anticipation of the birth of my best friend's second child {via c-section} in two days!
~Enjoying the warm weather by talking long, refreshing walks with Matt and Annabelle.
~Adding some spice to our apple cider for a warm and delicious hot drink:

~Making my own pumpkin-spice lattes at home to save some pennies from too much Starbucks:

~Talking online with some of my dear friends from Hungary; and for the young ones {who don't speak English}, getting the chance to speak in Hungarian again. nagyon jó volt!
~Getting a surprise package in the mail from my mom with these adorable little turkey candle holders from Crate & Barrel:

~And making some scrumptious homemade brown-butter biscuits to be topped with the pumpkin-apple butter I made:

Recipe to follow!

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