November 4, 2011

Martha and Me

I've already shared with you about my neat-freak tendencies, so it may come as no surprise to you that at a young age, I became mesmerized by a woman who seemed to be perfect in every way: Martha Stewart.

One afternoon, when I was about thirteen, I was browsing television channels when I happened upon a program I had never seen or heard of, Martha Stewart Living. This was long before she had her current show {which hosts celebrity guests in a talk-show format, demonstrating how to make a recipe or craft}.

I was hooked within the first three minutes. This woman, Martha, had such a beautiful, soothing voice. Her movements were soft and graceful and she had the loveliest manner of speaking. The show was filmed in her house, which was immaculate, and the intro/transition music was a charming, classical sort. Everything she created was such a work of art. It only took me one episode, or even half of one, to decide that Martha Stewart was an utter genius.

My collection of Martha Stewart DVDs. I actually bought these at Dollar General for about $3 each!

The first show I saw was a Halloween-themed episode since it was late in October. Martha showed a craft project making a sort of black lantern-box. I distinctly remember her explaining how it was a tradition in the town were she grew up as a child for each child to make one of these lantern boxes at Halloween. Then one evening, all the kids and families would carry their lanterns to a big open field and Martha explained how magnificent it was to stand in a field as night set in, with hundreds upon hundreds of lanterns shining in the darkness.

At the end of the show, I spent the rest of my afternoon making my own Halloween lantern box. Luckily my mom already had a perfectly square box on hand. I cut out shapes on all four sides {a witch, a ghost, a pumpkin, and a bat} and then spray painted the box black. I attached wax paper to the inside of the box to illuminate the cut outs and covered the inside of the box lid with foil {to keep the box from getting hot/burned from the candle}. I was thrilled with the outcome; very proud that I had successfully crafted a Martha Stewart project. You better believe that my lantern box lit up our front porch along with the jack-o-lanterns when then trick-or-treaters came that Halloween. 

I have a few Martha Stewart magazines...

From then on out, I watched Martha's television program religiously. I'll admit that I held this woman on a pedestal for many years. Of course my idea of Martha's perfect life was shattered when Martha was convicted of four felonies and sent to prison. 

I still thoroughly enjoy reading Martha Stewart magazines and getting all sorts of creative ideas for crafts and delicious recipes. two year-long subscription stash of Martha Stewart Living magazines.

I really don't care for Martha's new TV show, so I don't watch it. But I have plenty of Martha books, DVDs, and magazines on hand to keep me inspired all-year-long.

I purchased this book in high school.

I no longer hold Martha on a pedestal, but I do still consider myself a huge fan. In a way, since I began watching her TV programs at such a young age, she shaped some of my ideals for my grown-up life; cooking and baking away in the kitchen, playing hostess, decorating for the holidays, and keeping a beautiful garden.

Martha Stewart is someone who always leaves me incredibly inspired, so I am sure Martha recipes, crafts, and ideas will always manifest here and there in our life throughout the years. So, cheers to you, Martha!

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