December 15, 2011

Delightful Things

Some snapshots of life lately and the most recent delights:

Leftover cranberry relish. Simply delicious.

Oh Debrecen, how I miss you.

~Finishing all of our Christmas shopping; now on to the wrapping, which I adore
~Snuggling up to watch so many of our favorite Christmas movies
~Sometimes hearing "Merry Christmas" at the checkout lines instead of "Happy Holidays"
~Being able to use fresh mint and rosemary from my patio herb garden--they're still growing!
~Feeling so very merry when listening to all the Christmas music classics
~Getting all crafty and making a few special handmade Christmas gifts this year
~Matt now no longer works Sundays, which means we have a new home church! We most recently joined a small group with four other couples our age--a HUGE blessing
~Getting on some great organizing-kicks
~Using our apartment complex's 24 hour fitness center, now that the weather is poor
~Seeing all the bright, twinkling Christmas lights decorating homes and businesses
~Making plans for many Christmasy things in the upcoming days...Christmas parties, baking, going to see a live Nativity, etc.

Oh this list could go on and on, simply with all the wonderful things that Christmastime offers! The delights are truly endless...

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Dear Deannae!

We miss you very much, as this Christmas season approaches... Was great to read and see this post :-)

Joseph Steiner


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