December 16, 2011

Ladurée Love

Oh dear readers, you must go and visit one of my most favorite of all blogs {called This is Glamorous}, to see this absolutely lovely post about Ladurée!

Ladurée is a Parisienne tea room/pastry shoppe/restaurant, which ranks on top of my list of Paris "musts." It is dream-like and elegant and absolutely one of a kind. Oh, and they were the ones to make the 'le macaron' famous, by the way.

Read the post about Ladurée here at This is Glamorous. As ever on her blog, the photos give the impression of having stepped into another world; a world of golden light, soft wisps of fabric, old world glamour, and sheer elegance. You'll find a little history of the Ladurée establishment, as well.

image retrieved here

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