March 23, 2012

Dear Annabelle,

Six years ago, I picked you from a picture on the Internet. There were only two pups left unclaimed in your litter, and I had to choose between you and a a white pup with big black patches. I loved your honey color, though, so I chose you.

When Matt and I drove all the way to Ohio to pick you up at the farm selling miniature Rat Terrier puppies, you were the last one to be picked up. The moment when we first saw you, you were all alone, huddled insecurely in the back corner of the pen. The farmer's wife put you into my hands and I instantly knew that you were going to be the best gift I'd ever be given in my life.

Now, these six years later, I cannot imagine life without you. You making coming home a joy--you are always there, welcoming me with the utmost excitement. You are the best snuggler and I love how you always want to be in my lap {except when you use your head to knock my book or magazine out of my hands so you can take Priority No. 1}. You make Matt and I laugh everyday.

Some things we love about you:
~your wrinkled forehead
~how you run to hide under the bed after we return from walks, in fear of having to get a bath
~how you have not only learned certain key words, but learned what they mean when Matt and I spell them to each other
~how you pounce on your toys like a cat
~your dramatic antics when you're sleepy: flopping down onto the bed as if you've carried the weight of the world, sighing deep, long, exasperated sighs, and growling at us when we try to reposition you
~your sad little howl you give at the times when you're feeling sorry for yourself
~your crazy obsession with windshield wipers in the car
~how your left ear folds down when you're at your most-tired; we have deemed this your "tired ear"
~the very sweet way you curl up in my arms and then lay your tiny head against my chest

You are so much more than just a dog to us. You are family.

I can barely stand to think of the day when you will no longer be with us anymore. My heart bursts into a thousand pieces just imagining it. You will leave a huge hole in our hearts--that much is certain.

So I promise to never take you for granted. Ever. I will treasure each and every moment with you. How I love you my dear, sweet, little Annabelle.

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