March 26, 2012

Spring Things

Like much of the US, we have been experiencing an unusually warm end to Winter/beginning to Spring. It got up into the low 80's last week and that is incredible given that in Michigan, we often won't see the 80's until June. {Not to mention the fact that it's very normal to still be getting quite a bit of snow in March!}

The weather has been just lovely. I scrubbed down our patio furniture this week and set it all up, complete with the comfy cushions. I even enjoyed a serene sunset--sitting out on the porch with Annabelle in my lap. Frankly, it felt not only like Spring, but rather Summer was upon us. This had me dreaming of adding flowering planters to our small porch and re-planting our little variety of fresh herbs.

Some trees are just beginning to come alive with buds...

...while others, like this weeping willow {my very favorite kind of tree!} seen from our patio, are already overflowing with fresh green leaves.

Annabelle has been taken on many-a-walk this week and especially loves it when we give her the freedom to roam off of her leash.

This has been dreamy Michigan weather, no doubt about it.

And true to Michigan-weather-form, we are now experiencing highs in the 40's. Brrr!

We have been tricked again. All of us Michiganders had to know it was too good to be true--wearing sandals, shorts, and tees in March?!?! We must face the reality of where we live.

So now, instead of summer dreams, we go back to wishing and hoping for warmer, sunnier Spring days.

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