April 22, 2012

Delightful Things

Life's most recent delights, as of late:

~Flowering trees all around, blooming with loveliness:

~New, crisp business cards to make me feel all important
~Spring rains with a thunderstorm or two {I just love thunderstorms...they make me feel so cozy}
~Very tasty things to eat, like:

{Leafy green salad with tomato, cucumber, green pepper, red onion, and crunchy strips--I am so thankful that I am a salad-lover!}

{Curry couscous with chicken}

{Homemade fruit smoothies--yogurt, honey, milk, and lots of frozen berries}

~Enjoying the pleasant Lake views here on the east side of Michigan. It's only about a mile and a half to walk there from our apartment.

~Our first flowers for our patio this year, given as a thank you gift from friends for organizing a recent scrapbooking weekend {which turned out just splendid, by the way!}

~Bright Spring colors all around; yes, I am fully aware that these are technically weeds, but the little pops of yellow in the grassy field just look oh-so-pretty

~Clear, blue skies beckoning us outdoors

~A recent visit to Le Petit Prince French bakery for a 'pain au chocolat' {a croissant-like bread with chocolate inside}...oh how it makes me miss France and popping into French bakeries whenever I please!
~A handsome leather bookmark gifted by my parents from their recent visit to the Library of Congress {they thought this quote quite befitting my endless collection of books!}

~Lots of little creative projects keeping me busy
~Some lovely correspondences with my friends in Hungary
~Introducing Matt to the movie You've Got Mail--it's one of my very favorites!

1 comment:

Hannah said...

You've listed some of my favorite things here: spring blossoms, curry, crisp salads, smoothies... I love how your photos are so bright and full of color. :)

P.S. You've Got Mail is one my favorite movies, too. :)


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