April 27, 2012

Reuse: Simple and Pretty Organization

We all know how much I love organizing. Even more than that, I love pretty organizing things. But I especially love finding a great organizing tool from another item that has served some previous purpose.

My mom is actually the one who turned me on to my affinity for using box lids as mini-organizing trays. I have these stashed in drawers all over the house. It corrals several items and keeps them from cluttering a space, yet allows for quick and easy access to them.

Here's the box I use in my night stand drawer where I keep my lotions, lip balms, and mints.

This is the bottom-half of a box of cards I purchased and used up from Barnes and Noble a few years ago.

It was already crying out to me to be used for some other purpose, since I sincerely love this shade of blue.

Because I use this as more of an open-tray piece, I decided to pretty-up the inside of the box with some scraps of fancy scrapbooking paper I had.

Simply measure, cut, and glue and in a matter of mere minutes, you'll have yourself a lovely and functional little tray!

Since I love organization so much, I think it's time I start blogging about this topic more often. And I always, always love to hear new ideas for organization, so if you have any, please be sure to share!

In the mean time, I highly recommend checking out this blog--{I Heart Organizing}--if you're really into organization. I am completely and utterly hooked on this site! It is wonderfully inspirational.

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