April 4, 2012

A Number of Things

1. Nothing feels so deliciously cozy as a rainy spring day. These rains feed the colorful flowers that have graced us with their presence to brighten up the dreariest of days.

2. My list of books I'd like to read is ever-growing, and at a rapid rate. I can't seem to keep up, especially when work days leave me feeling so drained.

3. Easter is almost here! I wish I had more time to make as big of deal out of Easter as I did St. Patrick's Day this year. It certainly is much more deserving of celebration--nothing on this earth deserves more celebration than the resurrection of our Lord Jesus!

4. My uber-guilty TV pleasure? The show Dance Moms. It's shameless, but I can't stop watching.

5. I've been indulging in a super-sugary-sweet treat a few mornings this week--Caramel Mochas. Sadly, I don't think ordering it with non-fat milk makes up for all the sugar.

6. For whatever reason, my OCD tendencies have kicked into overdrive. I can't stop obsessively cleaning the inside of my new car and I am making to-do lists like no one's business. Plus, my inability to fall asleep unless everything is picked up/put away has intensified. I'm just too left-brained for my own good.

7. I have been feeling very artsy lately. I'm journaling more, writing poetry, and feeling inspired to draw and paint. I'm also really, really missing my favorite form of artistic expression: dance.

8. Another thing I'm really missing--my hometown, St. Joseph, Michigan. My parents don't live there anymore and I am rarely back there for visits. It is an utter and dire shame. I knew I always took it for granted, growing up on Lake Michigan and gorgeous beaches, but now it's a severe reality to go without the endless beauty of that small town.

9. I'm very tired. And my thoughts are a total jumbled mess. {Can you tell?} These numbers are my weak attempt to organize my brain. Now for a hot shower and then bed...

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