April 6, 2012


On this day, Good Friday, we focus on the cross upon which Jesus died.
It's always so hard to imagine the physical pain and torment Christ endured those two thousand years ago. Many films depicting Christ's death have been made, but none can really compare to The Passion of the Christ.

As beautiful and moving as this historical depiction is, it is also equally graphic. The film is rated R for the intense violence. You will see Christ's torture and death in great detail. The film aims for viewers to experience what Christ did and hides nothing.


This is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most difficult movie I have ever watched. I find myself wanting to look away so often, but I won't allow myself to do so. This film pains my heart, makes my soul cry out, and causes tears to flow freely from my eyes. Yet I am so thankful for this film--it has made me feel so much closer to the true experience of Christ's crucifixion, of His ultimate sacrifice.

I urge you all to see this film if you haven't yet. It will change you forever.


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