June 1, 2012


I would assume that most of you out there are familiar with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. It is a personality test known world-wide and normally explored in standard high school or college psychology courses. The official test is administered by certified counselors or therapists and after they receive and analyze a client's results, they then have an in-depth discussion of the findings with the client.

There are four letters that define each personality:
E: extroversion or I: introversion
S: sensing or N: intution
T: thinking or F: feeling
J: judgement or P: perception

Matt and I took the Myers-Briggs test when we went for our Pre-Marital Counseling. {Many churches require this before agreeing to marry a couple, but regardless, I would HIGHLY recommend Pre-Marital counseling to any engaged couple. We found it extremely beneficial and helpful, equipping us with tools to use throughout our marriage.} This test allowed for Matt and I to really explore one another's deep-rooted personality traits and the things that make us tick.

My test initially came back as an ENFJ. However, the test results showed that I was really on the line between an "E" {extroverted} or an "I" {introverted}. After further discussion with our counselor, we concluded that I am truly an "I" with many extroverted tendencies. We compared ENFJ and INFJ profile descriptions and there was no doubt that I am an INFJ. {The main characteristic of Extroverts is that they draw their energy from interaction with others and are drained by too much alone time. Introverts are drained of their energy by too much interaction with others and draw their energy from alone time. As much as I love being with others and have been described as a "people person," social interactions truly drain me of my energy. I NEED my alone time, desperately.}

It turns out that as an INFJ, I am the rarest personality type, with only 1-3% of the population falling into this category. I have done quite a bit of research on INFJ's outside of the analysis and discussion we had with our Pre-Marital counselor and have often been astonished by what I have read about INFJ's and how perfectly it describes me. I'll read the descriptions and think over and over to myself, That is SO "me"!

I shall now share with you a few such findings that describe yours truly to a T.

~rarely feel at peace with themselves or the world around them; they usually feel that they're not living up to their full potential and overlook the accomplishments they've achieved in life
~have a "knack" for foreign languages and communicate their feelings best through writing
~are often mistaken for extroverts because of their sincere interest in others and their outgoing personality
~when upset, will withdraw into themselves and become silent. This is both a defense and an escape mechanism, and it is the characteristic most confusing about INFJ's to others. {I know this is extremely frustrating to Matt, especially since I'm not often aware that I'm doing it. I think I'll always have to work on being better in this area.}
~feel strong inner conflicts within themselves between their many differing preferences
~grow up feeling "different" from their peers
~have keen insight into the motivations of others and can easily spot fakery and all things superficial
~can know things intuitively and are usually right, without being able to understand why or how {this random ability has really freaked me out several times throughout my lifetime!}
~are drawn to melancholy things
~are often attracted to the "classics"; enjoy collecting antiques, historical items, art, etc. and are usually captivated by a certain period in history, a specific genre of music, and certain actors and writers {yes, yes, yes, and YES!}
~are often puzzled by the intricacies of their own personality
~live in a world of hidden meanings, dreams, and possibilities

There you have some pieces of me. But I must tell you, writing some of this out almost feels like I am sharing things about myself that are too personal. This feeling in itself is an INFJ characteristic--not wanting to share too deeply with those outside their close circle. Nonetheless, I present it to you, as I belong to this rare {and even a little odd} group of personality types.

I am curious, though...do any of you out there know your Myers-Briggs type? Has learning about it been helpful for you?

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