June 5, 2012


We had just about the best weekend ever. It was a special birthday weekend...

Cheesecake Factory deliciousness.

...my sister and I both celebrated our birthdays! We are two years and two days apart in age, but our parents have always made sure to celebrate our birthdays separately so we feel very special, even now as adults. Erin's birthday was Saturday and mine was yesterday. Matt and I were in Ohio at my parents' house, but birthdays weren't the real reason we made the trip there; Jozsef Steiner, our dear, dear family friend and the pastor I interned for in Hungary was there! I hadn't seen Jozsef since I left Hungary after my eight-month stay in 2011. I will share a bit more with you about my special birthday tomorrow.

So. I'm 29. And people have asked--but no, it really doesn't bother me at all that this is my last year in my Twenties. I mean, I've seen the big 3-0 creeping up for the last few years, and age is really just a number, anyway. I have thought about putting together one of those "30 before 30" to-do lists, although I'd have to put that list together soon, as most month's I'd have to check off three items to get my list accomplished by next June. AND since I'm so late, the items would have to be extremely "do-able"; no major, ultra-time-consuming jobs. I'll let you know if I decide to go for it since I'd document it here on my blog to let you all keep me accountable.

{Is anyone else out there flabbergasted like me that JUNE is here now? Where is 2012 going?!?!}


Rebecca Maier said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend!

I feel like it's already the middle of June because time is just flying by.

AND being 30 is awesome! I was so done with being in my 20's. Too many unknowns. The only thing I miss is my 20 something body.

Have a great week!

Deanne Perry said...

Thanks, sweetie! My 20's have been so great that I can't wait to see what my 30's will bring...lots more adventures I'm sure!


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