June 6, 2012

Birthday Goodness

A few more pictures from the fabulous birthday weekend...

Couldn't get enough of my Baby Will.

My mom made the most delicious birthday brunch, and I got to open gifts right after!

{Non-Birthday-related} I adore this portrait of my very lovely Great Grandma Proffitt.

Holy decadence {at the Cheesecake Factory}

My birthday dinner: lightly breaded chicken with a garlic cream sauce on a bed of pesto angel hair. Cheesecake Factory's gigantic portions allowed me to eat exactly half and have just as much deliciousness for leftovers--Yay!

*Birthday treats*

Oh, Sis, you always give gifts that are so perfectly "me."

Chocolates from Hungary courtesy of the Steiner family!

 As if all that weren't enough, I received gifts from my other two families who "adopted" me into their own during my eight months in Hungary.

Oh and I almost forgot...the other part of my birthday gift from Matt will be a new bicycle! He wanted me to pick it out and we'll be doing that shortly. I also told him that if I get one, he has to get one too--so we can ride together, of course!

There simply could not have been a more wonderful birthday to kick off the final year in my twenties. I feel so loved!!

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Abby Mifsud said...

Happy belated birthday! Mine is tomorrow :D I LOVE Donwton Abbey! You got some great gifts :)


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