March 7, 2012

A Visit from Mom

My mom stopped by for a quick overnight visit yesterday. It was such a short visit {way too short!} but it was exceptionally sweet.

Mom needed to get her old piano books back from me. She passed them on to me when my parents gave us their upright piano several years ago, but now that my mom received a gorgeous keyboard from my dad for Christmas, she needs her old piano music again. It made for the perfect excuse for a quick visit and a chance to snuggle her grand-dog, Annabelle!

Mom treated us to a scrumptious dinner at BrioTuscan Grille and then also bought us coffee from Starbucks. This morning my mom and I went out for the loveliest mother-daughter breakfast at The Original Pancake House. {Which makes us reminisce about THE first Original Pancake House in Portland, OR--my mom grew up dining there}. Yes, it's true--mom {and dad} absolutely spoil us!

It was gorgeous day today with sunshine and a balmy 66 degrees {weather pretty much unheard of during March in Michigan}. We browsed some quaint shops I had never visited and had such a relaxed, happy day filled with so much good conversation.

And of course, Mom came bearing gifts!

She showed up at our door with these lovely and bright tulips in hand, perfect for welcoming-in Springtime:

She also passed on to me my Great-Grandmother's Bible {which is perfect in light of my recent family genealogy craze}.

I never had the privilege of meeting my Great Grandma Proffitt--she died when my Grandma was very young. In a way, I now feel connected to her by inheriting her treasured Bible.

It is in really poor condition and the first several pages are missing, so sadly we cannot know the year this Bible was published. Many pages are torn or have water damage but I treasure this book as a family heirloom, not as an antique.

This grand Bible is filled with beautiful artwork, too:

I feel very honored to now possess this.

Mom also brought me a cute recipe card-holder {which I needed!}...

...and a good book to read.

I so wish my mom lived closer so I could see her {and my dad!} more often, although with the size of the expansive US, I can't complain that my parents are only about 4 hours away!

Oh, how God has blessed me with the best family...

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Tatiana said...

Moms are totally the best! And they know how to give gifts too :) So glad you got to spend some time with yours.
Love those tulips! Have a happy weekend!


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