March 11, 2012

Delightful Things

Some of life's most recent delights:

~Playing Whirlyball for the first time {think bumper cars plus lacrosse}--such a blast!
~Engrossing myself in a book I can't put down {book two of the 'Hunger Games' series}
~Having an adorable little friend who follows me into the office just so she can be near me:

~Enjoying spring-like weather, even if it comes and goes. Annabelle loved her walk today...
~Planning for a mega-scrapbooking weekend with friends coming up in April
~Cookie-baking in preparation for an evening with other couples from our church:

~Sipping on a Tim Horton's Caramel Mocha Latté
~Pampering bubble baths with candles and relaxing music
~Thinking-Spring and painting my toenails a fun peachy-sparkle in anticipation:

~Sharing tea over a Skype-meeting with my friend Sarah in Scotland
~Being blessed by God despite challenging circumstances in life
~And a thoughtful and adorable St. Patrick's Day treat arriving from Matt's parents in the mail:

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