June 10, 2012

Things You Didn't Know About Me

For those of you newer readers to my blog, I thought I'd do a quick little list of things so you can know me a bit better. And hey...for those of you who know me personally--well, you just might learn a little something, too.

  • My favorite ice cream: Edy's French Silk {it's dangerous.}
  • My favorite tea: Earl Grey {preferably Harney & Sons brand}
  • I have always been a "back" sleeper. Though I'll occasionally roll to the side, it's by far the most comfortable position for me. I drift off in this position with my hands folded on my ribcage and my feet crossed. My sister always remarked that I look like I've been laid out in a coffin!
  • I have always gotten asked if my red hair is natural. It is, and I've never even highlighted it because it gets lots of natural highlights from the sun {to the point where people have asked if I dyed my hair blonde}.
  • As often as I get asked about my hair, I get questions about my eyelashes--whether they're real or fake. They are 100% real {plus mascara}. Many thanks to Mom and Dad for great eyelash genes! The mascara is just as important, however; my eyelashes are too light to be seen without it.
  • My favorite childhood book: The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynn Reid Banks {author of The Indian in the Cupboard}
  • I work as the Unplanned Pregnancy and Adoption Counselor for a non-profit Christian counseling services, also a licensed adoption agency.
  • When eating a standard sandwich, I eat all the crusts around the edges, then eat the center last.
  • If I had to narrow down all my favorite foods to only two items, it would be mashed potatoes and chocolate cake.
  • I have a freakishly strong memory, especially when it comes to how far back I can remember when I was little. I have all these memories I can tell you from age 3 and on, in lots of detail and recalling my thought processes at the time, too. Then, I once drew the layout of a house we lived in for my parents, trying to test my memory. I also drew the location of the furniture in the rooms, including where my high chair sat in the dining room and the crib in my room. My parents were so completely stunned, and verified the exact accuracy of my memory, explaining that we moved out of that house before I turned two years old.
  • I have a large shoebox where I keep cards and letters from dear family and friends from all over the world, starting from when I was just a little girl.
  • The household chore I most enjoy is dusting. I use lemon Pledge and not only do I love the smell and the sheen it gives to the furniture, it brings be back to my childhood as that was the household chore I was always assigned. I pretty much despise all other household chores.
  • I have two recurring types of bad dreams: 1) It's the end of the semester of high school or college and I've completely forgotten to attend a course all semester, and will therefore fail it, or 2) It's dance recital time and I'm about to go onstage and do a dance that I haven't learned at all, but am supposed to know. The psych analyses aren't hard to see with these two...
  • My whole life, people have mispronounced my name. Instead of Deanne, I'll usually get Deanna. Or Denea, or Deena. Since I've been older, I've frequently been getting Dean. As in, the male name DEAN. {Really.} I'm sure my parents would have spelled my name "DeeAnn" or something if they'd known people couldn't get it right.
  • I loved walking as my means of transportation at the times when I've lived abroad. I can't even describe how much I wish that were a possibility for my life here in the US.

There, you know me a bit better. Thanks for taking the time to do so!


    Tatiana said...

    Your job must be so fun! I would love to help those little kiddos get together with a family.
    And it's kind of funny that those two bad dreams keep coming back. Especially since one of them involves your high school.

    Deanne Perry said...

    Tatiana-my job is fantastic! I can't imagine doing anything more worthwhile. It's truly a blessing from God! And I can't figure out the bad dreams surrounding high school and my dance school--I only ever had very positive experiences with both. I know they must "represent" my general fears in life--feeling vulnerable, unprepared, etc.

    Abby Mifsud said...

    Wow! You do have an incredible memory! I used to be a duster too when I was little with lemon pledge. Will we make our children do the same??? :D

    Melissa Guzmann said...

    Nice list. I was wondering what your job was these days, sounds interesting. Also I totally agree on the dance recital bad dreams. Mine are more like I forgot my costumes at home and didn't realize it...ahhh!

    Deanne Perry said...

    Abby--yes! I hope I can turn my little ones into dusting-lovers, too! It would sure help me out a lot...

    Deanne Perry said...

    Melissa--oh yes, the costumes! Mine usually revolve around me wearing the wrong poms uniform to perform in. Glad I'm not alone in these crazy dreams!


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