June 21, 2012

My Father's Arms

{I know this post is "late" with it being post-Father's Day and all, but my dad is a man who deserves to be celebrated every single day of the year.}

My Father's Arms

My father's arms have always been there,
safe and strong, guiding me through life.

My father's arms snuggled and held me close
in my life's first moments.

My father's arms were outstretched to me,
willing me onward as I took my first steps.

My father's arms caught me up as I leapt into them with joy
each day upon his arrival home from work.

My father's arms held me as he read me books
before bed, said bedtime prayers, then lovingly tucked
me in and kissed me goodnight.

My father's arms took me on bike rides, balancing me
ever so carefully as I sat on the crossbar--these were 
trips to get ice cream, just the two of us.

My father's arms were always there, cheering me on
as I performed with the dance team at high school sporting events,
at my dance recitals, and even at college dance performances.

My father's arms have always been my personal handyman,
maintaining my cars, fixing things for me, and building countless things,
like a tree fort and the loft for my college dorm room.

My father's arms have always been there to wrap me in a warm embrace,
while he encourages me, tells me it's going to be OK, and that he is proud of me.

My father's arms have held a Bible as he preached sermons every Sunday
since I can remember; he is a great and wise teacher who taught me
about Jesus Christ--our Lord, Savior, and friend.

My father's Arms gently tucked mine into his own
as he proudly led me down the aisle on my wedding day.

My father's Arms held me tightly as we danced our Father/Daughter
dance on my wedding day, a magical moment I cherish always.

My father's Arms have shown me that he would to anything
for me and that he loves me more than anyone in this world.

My father's Arms have taught me what a true servant of the Lord is,
one who lives a life each day worthy of our Lord and one who gives
his life completely in the service of God's Kingdom.

My father's Arms have taught me that I have the best Dad in the world--
that he is a man who loves, cherishes, and provides for his family
above all else.

My father's Arms are always open to welcome me, and no
matter where we are, when I am in my Father's arms, I am home.

I love you, Daddy. No daughter has ever loved and adored a Father more...of that I am certain.

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