June 22, 2012

Double Shave

Someone had a bad day today.

Miss Annabelle had to go to the vet for a teeth cleaning.

By the way, I'd always thought it was kind of absurd to get one's dog's teeth cleaned. Until I had a small one of my own--one who likes to cuddle and has her breath in my face all the time. But more than that, tooth decay and gum disease can lead to dangerous health problems for small dogs, so this is the second time we've had her teeth cleaned in her six-year-life. It isn't cheap.

All that money pays for her to be "put out" during the procedure and to have an IV.

They told me this morning they'd have to shave a small portion of Annabelle's leg. When we picked her up, the vet tech said she'd been very wiggly during the shaving, so they had to start over on her other leg.

The larger, longer shaved area is where she so obviously wasn't cooperating.

Annabelle has a major "thing" about anyone touching her paws or legs.

So now our little dog has been pouting all evening, clearing displaying her exhaustion at this traumatic event.

BUT. Her teeth are oh-so-clean and pearly white now, without even the slightest trace of tartar or buildup. Money well spent, I'd say!

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