June 27, 2012

Heat Wave

It is HOT here in Michigan.

And I realize that it is pretty much everywhere else, too. Thank goodness it's not nearly as hot and dry as in Colorado, for example, creating all those devastating fires. {Our prayers are with you!}

Since I had the luxury of growing up in a gorgeous little town right on the sparkling, sandy shores of Lake Michigan, I didn't really realize how little I can tolerate intense heat. I spent my summers swimming in our family's in-ground pool and all the rest of the days at the beach swimming in the lake. It's hard to imagine a lake like Lake Michigan unless you've seen it--it looks like an ocean, has beautiful, sparkling {and sometimes even quite warm!} waters to swim in, and is devoid of all the annoying sea life one has to worry about in an ocean.

Perhaps my heat tolerance has lessened with age. But let's also be honest here--I'm just not built for heat. God gave me red hair and very fair skin that's prone to burning and freckling. Put me out directly in the sun on a very hot, humid day, and I wilt like a delicate flower. My energy is instantly zapped.

Otherwise, send me here...

{from my trip to the island of Tobago}

...and I will swim in the water and last hour upon hour in the hot sunlight.

What's that you say? Don't I currently live by a lake? Yes, indeed I do. However, Lake St. Clair is sadly NOT a good swimming lake {dirty water filled with E. coli, yuck}. It does look pretty, though.

So you'll find this wimp spending most of my time in air conditioning, sipping on iced teas and lemonades, only venturing out for a walk or a bike ride when the evenings have become much cooler.

Stay cool, everyone!

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