June 30, 2012

Delightful Things

Life's most recent delights:

~An evening swim at our apartment complex pool with Matt. After coming back and rinsing the chlorine off in the shower, cozying up on the couch in our pajamas to watch TV whilst eating sliced strawberries.
~Watching my younger cousin dance in the final recital of her high school career. She is the most beautiful dancer and is magical to watch.
~This weekend: TWO days to be at home and relax. In all of June this our first completely free weekend. {today has been a lazy summer day, indeed...}
~Treating myself to tea:

~A movie date with Matt to see Brave. A redheaded, free spirited Scottish lass? How could we not?
~Eating so many summer berries and melons--we just can't get enough!
~A lovely locket as a gift from my dear friend, Sarah:

~Hearing my sister as the speaker at the Church of God National Convention. She is too talented for words and I am so infinitely proud of her.
~Lots of memorable meet-ups with family and friends
~My patio herb garden growing and thriving. I'm snipping chives most often to add to our scrambled eggs. The cherry tomatoes have come in, but it's very hard to be patient until they turn red!

~Warm summer evenings lit by gorgeous sunsets
~God teaching me lessons about His timing
~Sparkling firework displays in the night sky

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