July 4, 2012

The Red, White, and Blue

Happy 4th of July!

I love this holiday, because I love America so.

I feel incredibly blessed to have been born and raised in this amazing country.

And despite my current fears on the direction this country is headed, I feel a deep sense of patriotism within myself.

That's why I feel so proud to have had the opportunity to serve our great nation when I stood by to love and support Matt when he deployed to Afghanistan for one year.

Now we have this {folded} American flag, flown over his base in Afghanistan, to always cherish within our family.

It was flown for a single day on base--a date which Matt and I specifically chose together. After that it was retired and folded to be given to Matt.

What an immense blessing that Matt was able to protect and serve our beloved America.

Have a blessed Independence Day, everyone!

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