September 20, 2012

A Peek at Baby Perry

We had another ultrasound today! It was so exciting to see baby Perry looking like, well, a baby.

Here he or she is:

Check it Perry is super limber! That's the leg and foot stretched way up there next to the head. The ultrasound tech said baby is folded like a little pretzel!

And yes, the gender was discovered's just Matt and I don't know it yet! We had the tech put a gender-specific item in a box, then we hurried home and wrapped it up in wrapping paper. We are waiting to open it in front of both sets of our parents on Sunday evening, so we'll have a very mini and very intimate little "gender reveal" party together! Matt and I were very good and resisted at peeking, but of course it is hard to be patient, especially since only wrapping paper and a box separate us from knowing the answer. I know we can do it! These next couple of days will be majorly busy, so that will help the time go by quickly until Sunday evening comes.

Of course, check back here to find out the gender! I probably won't post it until about a week later than our little reveal event, just until we can share baby's gender with some of our family and closest friends in person. Until then, thanks for your patience!


Laura said...

Waiting impatiently to know if you have a lil boy or girl in there!

Deanne Perry said...

I promise I'll reveal it soon, Laura! Sorry to test your patience!!


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