November 2, 2012

The OTHER Big News

There has been something else I have been dying to share with you for weeks now. I honestly thought I would haven been able to share this news a lot earlier, and the longer I've had to wait, the more antsy I've become. This news IS about my pregnancy, but it also isn't really.

I believe most of you know that I have a beautiful, wonderful, amazing, incredible older sister named Erin. We are two years and two days apart in age and we are best friends.

So now, as you might be guessing, the other pregnancy news is that Erin is ALSO pregnant!!!

BUT. Not only are we pregnant at the same time, we very nearly have the same due date. Our due dates are twelve, count them, TWELVE days apart!! I mean, you can't really get about any closer than that, huh?!? {I am due first, on February 15th, and Erin just after on February 27th}.

I will never, ever forget the night Erin called me to tell me she was pregnant as long as I live. Matt and I had known we were pregnant for over a month by then, but we hadn't shared the news with any of our families yet.

Erin called and said she wanted to text me a picture. She hung up and tried to send it several times, but I didn't receive it. She then told me she'd email it to me instead, and that I should call her when I opened it. I hung up, and I told Matt that I thought Erin was going to tell me she was pregnant. {For some unknown reason, I had been feeling for a few weeks that Erin might be pregnant}. I asked Matt if that were true, could I please share our news with her, because, well....come on! How could I NOT tell her in that moment!???!

I opened up my email, and indeed--it was a picture of several "positive" pregnancy tests! I called her immediately, and our conversation went like this:

Me: AHHH!! ERIN!!!! You're pregnant!!! Oh my gosh!!

Erin: I know!!

{lots of giggling intermixed in all of this}

Me: Oh Erin! This is so amazing!! You're pregnant!

Erin: It's so crazy!

Me: {giggling, then sighing quietly} Oh too.

Erin: {stopped giggling abruptly} WHAT?!!

Me: {giggling again at this point}

Erin: WAIT! What did you say?!?

Me: You heard me!

Erin: WHAT!?!?!? You're pregnant?!?!?!?!?!

After more shrieks and giggles, we of course then spent hours on the phone discussing things, but were beyond thrilled to figure out that besides being pregnant at the same time, we practically conceived simultaneously! We just couldn't believe it, or begin to imagine anything more wonderful. Our first pregnancies--together.

So all of this time, I've felt as if a part of my own pregnancy news has been that Erin is pregnant right along with me. I have just wanted to shout this news from the rooftops, but of course I needed to wait until Erin and Dan felt comfortable sharing the news with the online world. {Of course they have shared this news with others in-person a long time ago}

BUT WAIT. The news doesn't stop there....I have more wonderful news to share!!!

So, four years ago, Matt's younger brother, JJ, married the most wonderful, beautiful, incredible girl named Jennie. I have been so incredibly blessed to gain her as my sister and I love her more than words could ever say!

With JJ and Jennie, our joy has tripled because they are also expecting!!! Their first little one will arrive in early April, just seven weeks after our own baby girl. We are so thrilled for them, and it is just one more incredible joy for me, that Jennie and I also get to share being pregnant together!

Thank the Lord that thus far, all three of our pregnancies have been normal and healthy. It is so fun to get to share and compare symptoms, milestones, joys, fears, expectations, etc. with both of my sisters.

As great of a blessing from God as all our pregnancies are, Matt and I are so excited knowing that our baby girl is going to have a cousin VERY close in age on both sides of our families. So amazing, right?! Oh, and in case you were wondering, Erin and Dan are having a baby boy, and JJ and Jennie plan to wait to learn the gender until the big arrival.

So now that I have shared all this wonderfulness, I finally feel that the sharing of the pregnancy news is complete.

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Shannon New Spangler said...

This is wonderful news, how fun!


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