November 6, 2012

25 weeks

Well, I am 25 weeks and four days to be exact, so really halfway between 25 and 26 weeks.

It has been amazing to watch my belly grow! I already feel huge, but I know this is nothing compared to what I'll feel/look like in the coming weeks and months.

The latest pregnancy updates:
~I had felt our baby girl move starting at 18 weeks, but not very often. Basically as soon as I turned 22 weeks, I started feeling her every day, all the time. It is the best thing ever! She is an active little one and has some pretty strong kicks.
~Matt was able to feel her kick for the first time just about one week ago. I have also seen my belly move a couple of times when she is active.
~We have settled on a first name for our baby girl. We love it and can't wait to announce it when she arrives! {Still working on the middle name...}
~The latest not-so-fun parts of pregnancy: 1) a few stretch marks have made an appearance--yuk.
2) My back, or rather my spine, has been very uncomfortable these past weeks. I have a 20 degree curve in my lower spine and a 12 degree curve in my upper spine {think "S" shape}, so I think I'm feeling quite a bit more back pain than most pregnant ladies.
~I am starting to struggle a bit with insomnia. Nothing extreme, but it really doesn't help with the overall general fatigue I've been fighting since early on.
~I will be working up through Christmas, and after that I will stop and get to focus on all the preparations for this little one. I am longing for that, because right now I feel sooo unprepared for her arrival!

I can't believe that in less than four months our baby girl will be here! These next 13-14 weeks are going to absolutely fly by with the holidays approaching, but not only that, Matt and I are currently house shopping, so it is very likely we shall be packing up our little apartment and moving into our first home! {We hope!} It's going to be non-stop busyness until she arrives and that's a great thing because we JUST CAN'T WAIT to meet our little girl.


mrs. tabb said...

you look darling!!!

A.J.Cling said...

You look beautiful..I'm so excited for you, Jennie, and Erin. Praying for you and Matt as you are house hunting. !love you and God bless!


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