December 2, 2012

Oh, hey there! Let's catch up on life, shall we?

Oh my, it is SO GOOD to be writing here. I have sincerely missed it. Just writing about my thoughts on life's happenings--it's my own little creative outlet, and I have been so neglectful as of late. Well here I am again to update you on the last several weeks, as so much loveliness and craziness has happened.

A gift from our dear friends Justin and Jenna

If you remember from my last post {which seems like ages ago!}, Matt and I are currently house-hunting. It's been really exhausting to be quite honest with you. We've been spending all our weekends and many evenings after work running to and fro, seeing this house and that. We've actually offered on two homes and been rejected on both. But we are on the brink of offering once prayers appreciated, friends!

We also squeezed in our all-in-one-day childbirth class, which included the hospital tour. You better believe it...this little baby girl of ours will be arriving in just over ten weeks!! Between work, house-shopping, and the busyness of the holidays, there has barely been time to breathe. In a few short weeks {just before Christmas}, I will be leaving my position as the Unplanned Pregnancy/Adoption Counselor with the adoption agency I work for. As sad as I am to be giving up doing such an amazing job, I am equally relieved that I will have several weeks to focus only on getting ready for the arrival of our little girl! I need that so much--I still feel so unprepared. And of course, if moving into a house is in the cards also...well, heaven knows that with my OCD tendencies, I will be absolutely out-of-control with the "nesting" phase of pregnancy!

Thanksgiving was just spectacular. We went to my Grandparent's house in Ohio like last year. This year was very different in that it was our first Thanksgiving without Grandpa Moss. His passing in August is still very fresh in all of our minds and hearts. After we enjoyed our lovely, delicious Thanksgiving dinner, we ventured out to the cemetery to pay him tribute.

Photo borrowed from my dad

My sister brought a fun craft {thank you, Pinterest!} for all of us girls to create. We each made our own adorable Sock Snowman:

Proudly on display in our apartment 

I did manage to squeeze in the time to put up our little tree and decorate the apartment this past week, and now everything feels all cozy and festive, ready to welcome in the Christmas season.

My sister Erin was here this past weekend for a visit and she was a huge help to us in our baby registering process, since we hadn't managed to squeeze the task into our crazy schedule this past month. It was wonderful "sister time" with lots of shopping, girl talk, and eating out at yummy places like California Pizza Kitchen and our favorite local Mediterranean restaurant.

I dearly hope that with work winding up for me, and the possibility of our house offer getting accepted {more prayers, please!}, I may actually have time to blog more regularly this month. And we all know there is so much joy to share in the Christmas season, but this year even more so for us as we eagerly anticipate the arrival of our first child.

Happy start to December, everyone!

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