December 9, 2012

30 weeks

I am amazed as I sit here writing that I am already a few weeks into my third trimester and that it is a mere TEN WEEKS until we get to meet our precious little one. I truly can't put into words how desperately I can't wait to meet this daughter of mine, especially as I feel her moving inside of me so strongly and so frequently. Yet I also feel that I need ALL of these ten weeks to prepare for her arrival... Maybe I wouldn't mind if she were one week early, but no more than that, despite knowing how ready I'll be feeling at 37-38 weeks for her to come out!

So here I am today, at 30 weeks and 2 days pregnant:

Yes, let's be honest. I feel H.U.G.E. But I am okay with that. I know I'll only be getting bigger and I really adore what getting bigger means. Baby girl is healthy and we are so grateful!

Here are the other pregnancy details of the past many weeks:
~My spine still bothers me a lot. As I predicted, it hurts more the bigger baby girl gets (she's around 3 lbs. now!). However, the discomfort isn't twenty-four seven, and it is something I can deal with.
~Baby girl is practicing to be a NYC Rockette! What a little busy lady she is and I just adore feeling her move so often.
~I see my belly move when I look down all the time. It stinks because I want Matt to see it as much as I do, but of course I can't predict when she'll be moving--I just look down when I feel movement and see my belly move, but it usually happens so quickly that Matt misses it.
~Baby has started hiccuping a lot!
~This past week, for the first time, I was able to locate one of her limbs and feel its outline through my belly. She had her leg/foot wedged up near my right set of ribs, and Matt could feel her leg too!
~I had a very nervous experience for a little over a week. I did my one-hour blood glucose test at my doctor's office and found out that I didn't pass it. So I had to go to the hospital lab to do what they call the "three-hour test" of your blood glucose levels. If you don't pass that one, then you have gestational diabetes. First of all, I basically have a phobia of doing blood work (thanks to multiple passing-out episodes). And the "three-hour" test actually was FIVE hours spent at the lab, doing FOUR blood draws, and having fasted on top of that, so by my final blood draw, I hadn't eaten food in seventeen hours! I was a big girl and made it through without passing out, but I was so incredibly anxious about passing the test or not. Turns out I PASSED the three-hour test---Praise the Lord!!!
~I have constant dreams about our baby girl deciding to come early. I think this is a result of feeling so unprepared at this point. At least I hope that's what it is, and not a foreshadowing!
~The least-fun pregnancy symptoms at this point: still struggling with horrible acne, trouble sleeping, some heartburn {thankfully nothing too intense}, a constant stuffy nose, and the belly pressure than can feel uber-uncomfortable at times.

And a non-pregnancy update related to my last post: we did not get the house we bid on. We have a bid going in on another one tomorrow, and then if we happen to not get that one, we have another house we love we'd turn around and offer on. Hopefully this means we'll be done house-shopping soon! Just waiting for the right one and for it all to fall into place...


Rebecca Maier said...

Love your belly pics! And I love your positive attitude about growing in the final quarter of pregnancy - I always felt so self concious when I should have been focusing on my healthy babe.

Deanne Perry said...

Thanks, Becky! I do have to continually remind myself to be focusing on what being huge means and NOT focus on feeling like I'll never have a waist again...


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