December 21, 2012


Take a little peek at the checklist below, if you would please. And pay special attention to the first item on the list!

Did you happen to notice that big, fat, red check mark next to "Buy a house"?!

We found a house we loved, put an offer in, and it was accepted! We aren't officially homeowners yet...the closing date isn't until next month. We have had the inspection done and the bank is currently working on our mortgage, so everything is going well thus far.

This means we will be in the big moving process a mere month before our baby girl's due date! I know, I know...we're crazy. But with the exception of a few things, the house is very move-in-ready. And we're going to have lots of help, because we all know I'll be limited to how much I can do with being nine months pregnant at that point.

I am just so infinitely thankful that we found a house we can move into right away. This is such a huge answer to prayer for us. And even if our little girl happens to arrive a little early, I will be content as long as we are IN the house. If we have our baby items ready to go, then everything else can still be in boxes--I don't care. However if she is on time or even late, you better believe I will be nesting like crazy and getting things put away, organized, and feeling homey before she makes her debut!

Right now, closing is set for January 17th. (My due date is February 15th). But the house is already vacant and the sellers are anxious to closer earlier if possible, as are we. It will all depend on how quickly our bank can get the mortgage squared away. So if you would...prayers for that, please!

Matt and I always assumed we'd be homeowners before we became parents. Looks like we should just barely make that a reality!

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Penny Dorsey said...

That's awesome! I'm so happy for you. Your Christmas card will be a bit late. Msg me your current address, would you, please?


Aunt Penny


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