January 18, 2013

36 weeks

So here we are at 36 weeks today. It seems so surreal that I only have four weeks left to go!

At my check-up a few days ago, I wasn't dilated at all, which I am utterly thankful for in light of our upcoming move. I'm still hoping this little lady won't make her appearance early and if she does, it'll only be by a few days or a week at most.

And the latest baby bump news:

  • According to my last ultrasound, baby girl is estimated to be weighing slightly above average. My doctor estimated she'll weigh around 8 lbs at birth. Definitely not too scary.
  • The biggest surprise for me: I am not nearly as uncomfortable as I thought I'd be at this point, especially with my crazy spine. My back pain has not been worsening, swelling is fairly minimal {so far...just recently took my wedding rings off as a precaution}, and though I move a lot more slowly and it is most definitely uncomfortable to bend over, I feel pretty darn good overall!
  • Baby girl has been head-down for the last several months, and her head is starting to drop a bit. 
  • I'm really enjoying the fact that during this moving process, I am unable to {read: not supposed to} lift any boxes. It's a good thing, too, because with moving from a second-floor apartment to a house with two sets of stairs, I'm getting winded quite easily these days. Baby's taking up my lung space!
  • My belly button is STILL an "innie" at this point, though not by much.
  • I can really tell our baby girl is running out of room in my belly. There's a lot less kicking and a lot more strong sensations of her trying to wiggle and move around in her shrinking space. And many more times when she hurts me! 
  • My big accomplishment right now, especially with being a first-time-mom, is that I don't feel nervous about labor/delivery. I am actually pretty excited for it! {and yes, I have heard plenty of horror stories!}

We still aren't ready for baby yet. We have almost everything we need for her, save a few items, so we really would be fine if she made an extra-early debut, but we of course want to get her nursery all set up. I'm hoping to have it done by 38 weeks. Although I say we aren't ready yet....we really are. We are beyond excited to meet our little one. I keep having the most wonderful dreams about her! And with all the busyness of the next few weeks, she will indeed be here before we know it.

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