January 17, 2013

Almost Home

We are a mere few weeks away from baby's arrival and we have just closed on our new home! It's a cozy little house tucked away in one of the loveliest suburbs of Detroit. The house is full of charm and character, having been built in the late 1940's. The style of home is actually called a "bungalow," meaning the master bedroom suite is the one and only room upstairs. 

We are currently having a bit of work done to restore/replace flooring prior to moving in because it is obviously easier to do these projects sans furniture in the home.

The first project was to remove and replace the hideous blue carpet in the master suite.

Stairs going up...

Better than blue, don't you think?

And the current project is having the hardwood floors refinished. Here is {what will be} the nursery with the floors all sanded down.

The staining and finishing will be done tomorrow, and then after a few days of dry-time, we will move in this coming Monday. Hooray!!

Our days have been filled with driving back and forth from our apartment to the house, packing up our apartment, scheduling appointments, and shopping for things for the house and nursery. To say life is a little bit crazy is truly an understatement but it is all an incredible blessing. Lots more good stuff coming soon!


Rebecca Maier said...

So excited for you! Can't wait to see more photos of the house! Congrats!!!!

Jason and Erin said...

it looks so beautiful!!! can't wait to see more pictures!

Deanne Perry said...

Thanks ladies!! We are SO EXCITED to move in and I'll be scrambling like crazy to paint and decorate. So much to do! I hope to have more photos after we get it looking homey.


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