January 10, 2013

Shower Weekend

Last weekend, our soon-to-arrive baby girl was absolutely showered with love and generosity. I had two showers; one Saturday, one Sunday. And to say that both were just exquisite and lovely is the ultimate understatement. So much love, thought, and effort went into planning both, and boy did it show!

The Saturday shower was given by my best friend, Laura, and her mom, Diane, who was basically my "second mom" growing up through the years. The photos I have from my camera pale in comparison to the ones Laura took on her fancy Nikon. They came out so beautifully, capturing me with all the attending guests. Laura's going to give me a CD of all those photos and I promise to share them as soon as I receive them.

It was all so wonderful, and I got to reconnect with so many friends from my life growing up in St. Joseph. I miss them all so terribly much and it was so special to be showered with love by them all!

As if I didn't already feel special enough from that first shower, then I turned around and the next day and had another equally lovely and special shower in the town of Greenville, MI, where Matt grew up. There I was also reuited with so many wonderful friends who we rarely get to see now that we live on the eastern side of "the mitten." 

This shower had an owl theme, and oh my goodness, was it adorable! It was given by my dear friends Lynn, Jalene, and Aunt Joyce. These same ladies threw one of my bridal showers and let me tell you, these ladies sure know how to put on one amazing shower!!!

{Oh by the way, please don't judge me. I wore the same dress to both showers. You've gotta give a pregnant lady a break, right?!}

With soon-to-be Grandma

Well see if this little girl inherits my weakness for shoes.

She has to accessorize!

We received gift upon endless gift for our little one; the generosity was overwhelming! We really could never thank everyone involved enough for how loved you made us feel.

One very sad part is that I sent all the shower gifts from both showers home with my mom and Matt's mom for the short term while we are packing up our apartment. It was so sad to return home empty-handed! I just wanted to look through everything again and again. But it was too overwhelming to bring back so many gifts to our tiny apartment in the midst of packing up. We'll have it all again shortly, as we'll be moved into our house in approximately ten {count them, TEN!} days!!


Shayla Jenkins said...
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Shayla Jenkins said...

Congratulations on your baby girl! Those little shoes are too cute!

Deanne Perry said...

Thanks so much, Shayla! Aren't teeny-tiny shoes the best?!?


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