January 4, 2013

A New Year, A Whole New Life

The web is abuzz with people talking about the New Year, resolutions, and reflection upon the great things of 2012. I was amongst these last year, blogging an overview of 2011 and writing about why I love making resolutions each year.

{I intended to insert a photo here, but blogger is being weird an not allowing me the ability to upload photos! So please excuse this boring text-only post.}

This year I will do neither since I lack the time to recap 2012 and because I simply can't begin to fathom how to make resolutions for 2013. Matt and I are starting this New Year with two HUGE life changers: moving into our first home this month, then welcoming our first child next month. We are diving in head-first without a moment to spare.

Becoming homeowners is of course a huge thing, but so seemingly insignificant next to becoming parents for the first time. Our life is about to change in the most monumental, amazing, wonderful, and blessed way as we welcome our baby girl into this world. We both are well aware that until she takes her first breaths, we can't possibly imagine how our world will suddenly be turned upside down and instantly shift to revolve around our precious gift from God.

I don't know what being a "mommy" is like. I don't know how long it will take to adjust and settle into a comfortable routine. All I know is that Matt and I are ready for this unknown, crazy adventure that is parenthood. We know our lives will never be the same. We know that we will figure it all out together, and because of our deep love and commitment to one another, we will do just fine. We know there will be challenges and tears and frustration, but we know much more than that there will be joy, laughter, special moments, and endless upon endless amounts of LOVE.

So for now, I simply accept that the near future will bring lots of craziness, excitement and so much change going on that we likely won't get a feel for a routine and a sense of normalcy until we are well into March. And I am totally at peace with that.

Since I am blogging anyway, I can tell you that one of my goals for 2013 is to give my blog a makeover. {Because of life's craziness, the makeover likely won't happen until March, unless this little lady in my belly decides to make a late appearance...then I might occupy my time with that project!} You also will be seeing a lot more of me here on this blog of mine. I really neglected my blog the second half of 2012, with being pregnant and working two jobs and all. But just you wait...my little space on the web here will have all kinds of good things to come! I know I will desperately need this creative outlet as I adjust to a whole new life as being a parent.

Thank you to those of you who read along here in 2012. I wish you all a very blessed, Happy New Year 2013!

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