March 15, 2013

Newborn Photos

I don't have to tell you that Matt and I were crazy to move into our first home one month before our due date. And in all that craziness, one of the things that fell to the wayside was locating a photographer to do newborn photos after Makenna's arrival. I actually DID have it on my "to do" list in the days just before Makenna's due date, but she decided to show up a tad early, so there went that plan.

I also must tell you that I even debated on whether or not to get newborn photos done. They are really expensive, you know. And how could I even be sure I'd be happy with them? In light of all the money we've been spending on the house {and the baby!}, we weren't sure it'd be the smartest investment of our money.

And then, as you know well, I got sick immediately after delivery. And then Makenna got sick with RSV and we did the whole hospital-thing. By the time we got home {again} from all that, she was over two weeks old and I still didn't even have a clue what photographer to use.

Enter Bobbi of
Bobbi Rattai Photography. She was recommended to us by our close friends. I was very impressed with her website and the newborn photos she posted. The biggest factor was that we were informed she would be willing to come to our house to do the photo session. This was of course essential since we can't bring Makenna out anywhere. And after contacting Bobbi, I learned that her son also contracted RSV {he was just eight weeks old}, so she could totally understand our circumstances. My other huge requirement--one many photographers don't offer--was a CD with a copy of all the images and the rights to print them and use them as we pleased. Bobbi had everything we were looking for.

I received the CD of photos two days ago, and after looking at the first few, my eyes filled with tears of joy! I really can't put into words how beyond pleased we are with these photos. They're better than I'd ever dreamed. Hands down, this was some of the best money we've ever spent!

Oh, and Bobbi? Well, I could sing her praises all day long. She drove nearly two hours to our house, and she was here for a full three hours. And...Makenna even pooped on her! {Bobbi kindly reassured me, in all my horror, that it happens to her all the time at newborn shoots}. You better believe we will be going back to Bobbi for more pictures in the future!

I'm not going to show all the photos, but without further ado, here are my favorites:

Couldn't. Be. Happier.


the woolseys said...

she's so alert! wowzers! she's also so beautiful! if you didn't already know that :) can't wait to see more of her! love you, d!

Rebecca Maier said...

my fav is the 3rd one! I love little belly buttons!


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