April 9, 2013

58 Days

It's been exactly 58 days since Makenna entered our lives. These 58 days have been filled with the greatest joy, all thanks to this little one.

That's right, she's been smiling at us for a few weeks now!
Oh and this is fun...
Here is Makenna wearing the sleeping gown that I wore home from the hospital as a newborn!


                            The following is a boatload of pictures to summarize these past 58 days.

{Sorry for the photo overload. And, even though I will include Makenna in many of my future blog posts, I promise that I will be writing about other things, as well!}

Coming home from the hospital:

She was swimming in her newborn-size clothing at first. She likely could have worn preemie size for the first week or two!

Bonding with family members, like "Uncle Aaron."

Her first "real"  bath:

Makenna is a pro at lots of things, like sleeping and taking a pacifier.

Oh, yeah. Then there was the bought of RSV and the hospital stay. Boo.

This little girl sure loves all of her grandparents!

Annabelle has done quite well adjusting to life with Makenna, especially given that Annabelle was our first "baby" for the past 7 years. 

Her head is so tiny that she's only had a few hats small enough to warm her head these past weeks {thanks, Jacki!}.

And she likes to cry when we try to stage certain photos.

Her first walk around the neighborhood {finally, some decent weather!}:

Makenna's not too fond of headbands. This is Easter Sunday. Even though we weren't able to take Makenna to church {we're still under "quarantine" thanks to the RSV}, we still wanted to dress her up. We only got a photo or two where she wasn't crying, and couldn't manage to get any family photos where she was content.

Even though Makenna's last name is Perry, she's still a "Moss." Here are four generations of Moss's; meeting Great-Grandma Moss for the first time.

Hope you enjoyed catching up!


bakeaholic said...

Just today, I was thinking I better check and see if everything was okay because I han't had a recent "fix" of Makenna photos...thanks for these and never apologize for putting up too many pictures of her...each one is so precious!

Meg said...

Awwww, love all the pictures! She's so adorable!

Deanne Perry said...

So glad you ladies enjoyed all the photos!


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