April 12, 2013

Two Months, Baby

This little lady just turned two months old!

She checked out great at the doctor's office. She's still very small for her age at only 8 lbs 6 oz and 21.5 inches, but very healthy.

Makenna is still wearing newborn-size clothing, but she's nearly getting too long for her sleepers. Regular newborn outfits still fit very well. {In the photo above, her pants look too short, but they are just hiked up from all her rapid leg-kicking}.

My sister pointed out how it's so incredibly fun when babies are teeny-tiny, and since Makenna was born ultra-tiny, we get to enjoy her teeny-tiny stage all the longer. We've had many comments from her photos that she looks just like a "doll." She really is like the perfect little baby doll!

Makenna is very interactive now which is so fun! She smiles a lot and responds to us with all kinds of cooing. She's interested in toys and loves lights and music.

The other HUGE milestone she reached...and I still can't believe it...she is sleeping through the nights. I stopped waking her for a middle-of-the-night feeding after her Pediatrician told me to let her sleep as long as she would go at night, as long as she fed enough during the day. Makenna started doing eight hour stretches between feedings right after she turned five weeks old. Yup, five weeks old. I really thought it was a fluke at first, something that surely wouldn't last. But, for the past three weeks, she has slept like this consistently at night. I never expected her to sleep through the night at this age {what mom does?!} and of course I am just loving it. See how this girl spoils me??

Makenna will still remain mostly under "quarantine" because of the RSV until the end of April. Apparently there are still a few lingering cases of RSV and respiratory infections out there as we are exiting cold and flu season. We can venture out with Makenna at our discretion, but we still need to keep her protected. I was hoping to get the Pediatrician's "blessing" to start taking her anywhere and everywhere, but if our Pediatrician wants her protected a couple of weeks longer, of course we are going to listen!

In the meantime, I am wholeheartedly content to fill my days with loving on my baby girl. Soon, very soon, we can FINALLY take her out to see the world!

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