October 28, 2013

A Delightful Household Tip

I'm not sure how many of you out there like to buy scented sachet packets, but if I find a great scent every so often, I'll scoop up one or two to tuck into a drawer or closet to keep things smelling lovely. My mom got me into the habit of stashing one in the dash of my car, and it can keep my car smelling spicy {the scents I most love} and cozy for months at a time.

Last Thanksgiving, we were at my Grandma's house in northeastern Ohio. Traditionally on "Black Friday," instead of hitting the big sales at malls and mega-chain stores, we like to go to a quaint downtown and browse a few home decor and craft boutiques. That's when I came across this delicious Apple Spice & Cinnamon scent and snatched up a few of them.

As I was checking out, the boutique owner gave me the most marvelous tip! She suggested that once the sachets stop smelling as potent, you can cut open the pouch and pour some of the granules into your vacuum cleaner's bag. Then once you start running your vacuum, the air is filled with the scent of the granules! It  makes vacuuming so much more pleasant. And if you have a pet that sheds in your house like we do, it will really save you from needing to change the bags as often because of the yucky smell that often builds up after so much pet hair.

You can add as few or as many granules as you'd like. I'd recommend starting with about 1/3 of a sachet.

Even if you don't normally buy scented sachet packets, I'd recommend picking up one or two just to pour into your vacuum. It's one of my newest, favorite household tips!

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