November 12, 2013

Blessed Autumn

October has always felt magical to me. There's something about the changing of this season in particular which brings feelings of renewal and fresh perspective. Much as trees shed their leaves in preparation for the cold and then ultimately the rebirth in the coming spring, I feel new, exciting seasons of life awaiting me.

It is fitting that this Autumn, it seems as though our baby girl has shed her infant past and literally crawled into a whole new world of exciting adventures.

Some new things are a bit perplexing to her, such as the experience of being dressed in full costume for Halloween.

And as we move into the blustery days of November, I am finding myself exceedingly grateful for the nine months in which our Makenna Rose has made our lives sweeter beyond all imagining.

We are relishing these days, overflowing with thankfulness for the precious life with which we have been blessed.

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